Say Goodbye To Paper Timecards


 Track time, manage the subs.

Employee Timecard Entry

Managing your painters can be a real pain. We know. We’ve been there. With CorkCRM, your hourly guys can manage their own timecards, so you don’t have to.

Designed for Mobile

Your painters can input time on their phone when they’re at lunch or when they’re wrapping up for the day. All without needing to access a computer.

Manage Timecards

Approve or modify employee timecard entries. Make notes on timecards, and mark as paid. Filter by date ranges and specific employees. Assign timecards to specific jobs for job costing purposes.

Set Wage Rates and Budgets

Set employee wages so you know exactly what you’re spending on labor for each job. Compare actual hours entered to job budgets to know exactly where you stand with each job, at any point in time.